After my sportdiver certification in 1982 a more or less technical question to the chiefeditor of the scuba diving magazine “tauchen” surprisingly lead to the first order to write a travel report. This article, published in 1983, eventually turned out to be the starting point for my career as travel-journalist. My articles have been published in many countries, including Italy, Spain, England, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey and Croatia.

Today I work with the two digital Nikon-SLR-cameras “Nikon D3” and “Nikon D3X” and I use original Nikon lenses. Those range from a “16 mm fisheye” up to the telezoom “VR 70-200 mm”, all which have a 2.8 f-stop.

Under water I use the “Nikon D3” in a Seacam housing together with the Nikon f2,8/16 mm fisheye lens, the f2,8/14-24 mm wide angle zoom from Nikon and the Nikon 60 mm macro lens. One or two flashlights “Seacam Seaflash 150 TTL” take care of light and colors.

I entirely depend on my own equipment by Cressi-sub when it comes to reports which include underwater photography. I use a dry suit for cold water dives and neoprene-suits of diverse thickness depending on the waters to dive in. Other than that, the models of mine and I dive with the Cressi BCD “Travel Light” and “Cressi Ellipse Titanium – Mc9-SC” regulators or “Cressi Compact XS -MC9” regulators.. For our safety we rely on the Cressi computers “Giotto” and “Leonardo”.

Nearly all my articles feature a female model because, even though images of pure nature can be quite nice, it is always recommendable to liven up pictures with people. An experienced photo model is indispensable – and for professional underwater photography she must have the nerve to pose for the camera both in the close company of sharks as well as on a dreamlike beach.